Unless you have a presence in the digital world, no one will patronize your business. Hiring a content marketing agency ensures that your brand will be visible to those in need of your product or service.

Joel from Blue Swing Media explains how people use their devices to read articles and blogs, watch videos, read infographics, and read social media content. As a business owner, you need such an agency to help build a bond and trust between you and your customers or clients.

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Keywords are Where It’s At

Content marketing agencies research keywords, search volume, search intent, and trends. Keywords are different locally and nationally. If you tack on “Omaha” to keyword “eye doctor,” you’ll get numerous hits. Nationally, the competition is more fierce and the keyword battle more intense.

Schedule and Optimization

You’ve decided to publish 2,000 words per month. Optimization is where and with what frequency you place your keywords. Adding images with keyword-rich descriptions along with links, both internal as well as to helpful authoritative sites, tells Google that you’re down with sending readers to other sites for more information.

When Google sees that video embedded in a web page is keeping visitors on that page for a while, it sends traffic to that page. Even unrelated sites will send traffic to yours if they find the videos helpful. This creates backlinks, another thing Google looks for and rates highly.

A content marketing agency engages in long-term strategy for driving visitors to your business. It will continue to do this for months and years.


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