Those wondering about the details regarding when or how to start an AC repair company are asking Zack questions, such as how long he worked for someone else before starting his own business. His answer is he started working in the industry for other contractors in 2002, where he gained a plethora of experience in heating and cooling services. He worked for others for about a decade before starting his own company.

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Initially, his company was just a part-time project he worked on after he punched out at his full-time job. However, Zack went full-time with his own AC repair company in 2014 after realizing he wanted to do things his way and be in charge of how things operated.

An HVAC company asked the second question about how he got clients for his AC repair company when he first started. While some customers followed him, he took other routes, too, such as posting on Craigslist, Facebook, and similar outlets. Not much success came from that, unfortunately. Now, he gets most of his clients as referrals from other satisfied clients.


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