Inspection is a necessary process that checks whether a structure is safe and in functioning condition. During this process, the inspector should be examining the mechanical parts of the structure, searching for any areas that may need repair or replacement. In ‘Follow Along with a Fire Inspection’, we go over some of the basics of fire sprinkler online training. If you’re aiming to test a fire sprinkler’s workability, then here’s what you need to know.

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It’s the inspector’s job to measure, test, or gauge the features that make up the product. Inspection is a vital process for finding machinery or equipment that could pose a problem to future prospects. With a fire sprinkler system, the first step is to check that the building’s address is visible from the street – which will help emergency aid in instantly identifying the building. Then, the inspector should check the lockbox to ensure the emergency aid will have access to the building.

During the internal inspection, the inspector should be checking for any issues with the fire extinguishers, the emergency exit doors, and the exit lighting. In the fire riser room, the inspector will test whether there’s water in the gauge. In the electrical room, the inspector will be testing the integrity of the breaker boxes. There should be visible signs throughout the building, including an evacuation plan with a map.


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