Going up against the competitive online niches might seem hard, but it’s not! Those competitors use the same strategy: find low-competition topics, rank for them, build their site’s authority and bankroll, and then use more competitive keywords. Repeat those steps until the site is so authoritative it’s ranking for almost anything.

But how do you make this happen? First, find low-competition keywords with high business potential. This video shows viewers how to better understand the process by pulling out four items from a box: a notebook, a bag of seeds, the classic game Connect Four, and a toy rabbit.

Notebook: This shows the product roadmap, and the technical detailers at Ahrefs making their crawler the most active in SEO land.

Seeds: Pumpkin and sunflower seeds are good, and we’ve all tried them.

Video Source

Hemp seeds are unique and key to a healthy diet. Unique keywords are essential to strong SERPs in competitive niches.

Connect Four: This game of identifying patterns and beating your competition— just like with SEO! Search your results, find a pattern, and see how you’ll beat the competition using low-competition keywords.

Toy Rabbit: Bunnies love to borough in a hole and see where it leads. Some competitors have found excellent low-competition keywords, so you must find those competitors and go down the rabbit hole to find the best low-competition topics.

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