Auto repair shops, big or small, will have a customer base – some regulars and some new ones. These shops deal with several issues, like management, buying and selling spare parts for repair, billing, etc. One person managing all this isn’t a feasible solution.

If you own a small auto repair shop, what you need is software to help you manage your business better. Thanks to auto shop software programs, it makes keeping track of operations much easier.

What are auto shop software programs, you ask? It is software that helps automotive technicians keep track of their clients, tasks, schedules, resources, repair operations, financial processes, and parts and inventory.

There are tons of options available in the market. However, not all software programs are created similarly. Read on to know the 10 best small business auto shop software programs.

1. Rapid Recon

Rapid Recon’s reconditioning workflow software, created in 2010, established the software market for vehicle reconditioning. This is one of the top auto shop software programs. Rapid Recon is a web-based application accessible from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. It brings structure, clarity, and control to your reconditioning operation.

Rapid Recon helps any auto repair shop streamline its reconditioning processes. With its custom dashboards, shops can track their performance and make data-based decisions. The reduced turnaround times also help increase profits.

They have over 40,000 users across 2,400 dealerships, actively engaging on a daily basis. You can get your cars frontline ready up to 80% faster with Rapid Recon software.

The software is competitively priced and is used by public and private dealership groups, and single rooftop operators – small or large.

Some of the benefits of using Rapid Recon include automated daily status updates, increased speed-to-sale, and performance consultants’ aid in improving processes.

2. Auto Repair Invoices (ARI)

Auto Repair Invoices (ARI) is a comprehensive auto repair software suitable for repair shops, independent technicians, mobile mechanics, and auto dealers. This is software that’s powered by world-leading auto repair databases.

It includes all the essential features you need to manage your shop, with everything available in one easy-to-use platform.

You can build auto repair invoices in minutes, manage all the information on vehicles that go in and out of your garage, and add, edit, delete, and manage your customers’ data. Additionally, its key features include inventory management, accounting features, reports and statistics, invoices, job cars, and work orders.

The software also has a feature for auto scheduled maintenance. With ARI’s auto repair service reminder functionality, your clients will be notified when car repair service is due.

auto shop software programs

3. Auto Leap

Auto Leap is a cloud-based auto repair shop software that helps you run your shop efficiently. Any local auto repair shop can use this software to modernize shop management. You can automate crucial shop functions for increased efficiency, hence, freeing yourself from those repetitive, time-consuming tasks.

The repair software also seamlessly improves the overall customer experience, helping you build a loyal customer base. Its automated appointment confirmations help transform appointment scheduling. Your customers will also receive reminders via text or email. At the same time, you can inform your mechanics through instant notifications that a job is ready for their service.

The software provides charts and graphs to make your shop’s performance monitoring easier. And the powerful reporting tools will help with inventory management and tracking technician performance.

Avoid the hassles of manual paperwork at your auto repair shop with Auto Leap’s auto repair software. Additionally, you can equip your techs with innovative digital tools and automate vital operational processes like repair estimates, inventory control, payment processing, customer relationship management, and more.

4. Shop Monkey

Yet another cloud-based solution, Shop Monkey, is among the popular auto shop software programs. It is ideal for any automotive repair shop to work smarter and faster. By switching to Shop Monkey software, you can avoid paper-and-pen chaos and clunky shop management software.

The software program is especially beneficial for small-to-medium-sized auto repair shops. It helps you get a 360-degree view and manage every auto repair job, parts, technician, and more, all in one place. You can also use this software to streamline your workflow by creating and managing jobs and estimates.

The visual dashboards and reporting tools help you gain deeper insights, boosting your profits.

That’s not all; you can also provide customers with the choice of contactless payments. It’s a more flexible and convenient approach for online or in-person secure payments. You can create and send professional quotes and invoices to customers digitally. With QuickBooks, you can even import your customers, export your sales, and sync all your inventory.

Don’t worry about the hassles of getting started; a friendly support team will partner with you and help out.

5. Shop Ware

Here’s a shop management software that gives you more time and profit. Shop Ware helps you run your business on the cloud and go paper-free.

Its auto repair estimating software feature helps you prepare and share quotes in seconds. You can also harness real-time photos, videos, and chat for a seamless customer experience. Customers bringing in their vehicles after collisions can get quotes faster and approve or disapprove.

Shop Ware also allows all your staff to connect and collaborate in real time with its workflows. The auto-tracking and notifications help avoid mistakes and manual effort. This software can view, control, and respond to all activities across your shop.

When you transfer the time and effort spent by your people to your shop management software, you improve efficiency by 20%.

6. Parts Tech

PartsTech is a next-generation ordering platform that helps professional technicians save time and reduce the hassles of wholesale automotive parts procurement.

A single search is all it takes for a technician to locate, evaluate, and order the required parts from national warehouses or local suppliers. This software digitally provides accurate data on products, prices, and inventory in the industry. PartsTech currently operates one of the world’s largest databases of auto parts and fitment information. This information is directly supplied by over 1,900 manufacturer brands who trust the technology. Hence, technicians can get the best possible information when purchasing parts.

auto shop software programs

7. AutoFluent

AutoFluent is among the more powerful auto shop software programs for all automotive and tire shop needs. For seamless integrations, it provides repair and labor guides. You can use it to order from vendors of tires and parts directly. It also includes accounting compatibility with Sage 50 or QuickBooks.

The software helps you manage and track customers, inventory, and sales at multiple locations. You can easily analyze your shop’s and employees’ performance with the dozens of reports provided.

The best feature of this auto shop software program is that it includes Cloud-hosting to let you get your work done from the comfort of your own home. Also, it’s easier to import your data and manage it from multiple locations.

The software comes with top-rated support at no additional charge with an AutoFluent subscription. The support services include software training at your shop for your entire team to help increase efficiency.

Any auto body repair specialist can benefit from AutoFluent’s features. They helpin faster payments with automated electronic invoicing, service your customers efficiently, and have them coming back for more. Setting up and maintaining inventory is more accurate and cost-effective with AutoFluent. And streamlining business processes will help you to reduce errors and costs. Finally, the software keeps your employees focused on the right work, helping improve efficiency.

8. Shop Boss

Among the different auto shop software programs, Shop Boss is a leading shop management software. It is an excellent solution for independently managed auto repair shops. After all, it was designed by a former shop owner.

The cutting-edge software features help in efficient auto shop management. Some of the integrated features include a labor guide, parts ordering, estimations, and customer self-check-in. Your team can access these features conveniently in a single web-based application, anywhere, anytime, on any WiFi-capable device.

You can go paperless and easily manage all your customers’ information, attach documentation, capture customer signatures, and process online payments. With text-to-pay or email-to-pay, customers can make direct payments to you from their smartphone by simply clicking a link.

Since Shop Boss is a web-based shop management software, you don’t have to download anything or keep up with regular updates. Anything you need is available on your browser that you open on any device. Whether you run a car windshield replacement shop or any other kind of auto shop, this software is accessible and easy to use.

Transparent communication with customers is possible through a password-protected portal, where they can’t see company information. However, they can see any relevant information about their vehicles.

9. Fullbay

For a change from the other auto shop software programs you’ve seen, Fullbay is a heavy-duty truck and trailer repair shop software. This is unlike the other car repair garage software.

With Fullybay, you can see exactly what’s happening in your repair shop. This will help boost your staff’s productivity, leading to higher profits and better work-life balance.

The fully-integrated payment solution provides your shop with the best-in-class credit card and ACH processing, a personalized payment portal, and simple fleet check authorization.

As for how it helps your shop, you can create invoices in just a few clicks and accept electronic payments. You can monitor what’s happening in your shop, from parts inventory to tech performance. Also, you can empower your technicians and have them working efficiently.

What is it that your shop works with? Trucks and trailers, private fleets, construction, agriculture, towing, mobile repair, or heavy equipment? Fullbay is the one-solution-fits-all software.

While you can benefit from using Fullbay as a shop owner, technicians can also benefit from it. They can focus on repairs without distractions, increase their earning potential, and make guided repairs.

The service manager can stay updated about the status of repairs across the shop, easily assign technicians, and keep track of DOT inspections and preventive maintenance.

Basically, if you run a diesel repair shop, you must have Fullbay. It will make your life easier, whether it’s concerning invoices or returning customer calls. There’s something for everyone in the shop with Fullbay.

10. Auto Vitals

Auto Vitals is among the auto shop software programs that is a complete shop success solution that drives profitable growth. Start off with digital vehicle inspections with Auto Vitals. It’s one of the most advanced auto repair shop software programs.

This software covers the seven touchpoints of motorist engagement and shop operations. That includes search and educate, drop off, inspect, approval, pick up, thank you, and follow-up.

By following their best practices, you’re guaranteed to increase your ARO by at least 20%. All the AutoVital solutions are based on how motorists interact with your shop, and it also optimizes your internal shop operations to help best serve your customers. Industry experts are available to support and guide you.

The DVI feature lets you send detailed text inspection results to your customer’s phone. With edited pictures, you’ll be able to capture attention and boost buying confidence. The Auto Repair shop workflow management software includes a task manager that makes it easy to stay atop all tasks. You can remind customers that they have work requiring their immediate attention. Service advisors can manage technicians straight from the counter. They can see the availability hours of each technician, check on vehicle progress, and send important messages to their technicians.

Overall, it helps any auto body shop in more efficient shop operations and saves time and money. With Auto Vitals, you can increase your average repair order by 30%.

Final Thoughts

Running a small auto repairs shop might seem easy on the outside, but it comes with its own challenges. You must manage operations, organize inventory, and keep track of invoices and appointments.

You can handle all of this efficiently with small business auto shop software programs. Not only do such software help in increasing efficiency and saving time and money, but they also help streamline business processes.

Now that you know about the best software programs, you can make the right choice to suit your auto shop needs.

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