WordPress is a great content management system to use for your college admission management software. However, it can be tricky to set up the online admission software for higher education when you haven’t used WordPress before. In this video, you can get a better understanding of adding a college admission management software system in WordPress.

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To begin with higher education admissions software, start by clicking on School Management on the left side of your WordPress dashboard. From there, you’ll go to Admission. This will bring you to the admissions page that has the information you want to work with. Go ahead and click on Admission Form. Adjust the admission number and the date as needed. Include the student information, including their first name, last name, date of birth, gender, address, state, city, and zip code. You also want to include an email address and the student’s previous school if they have one.

WordPress also includes a section for sibling information and family information. Once you’ve completed all the information necessary about the newly admitted student, you can click on ‘New Admission’ at the end of the page. When you go back to the Admissions page, you will see two actions beneath the Action field: ‘View,’ and ‘Approve.’ You can click on ‘View’ to view more information about the student and to see all of the information that you’ve filled out in their form to make admissions and enrollment management software easy.


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