When someone is arrested for a crime, they are taken to a local police station, where they are processed and sent to jail. In some instances, the person arrested may be able to get released prior to going to trial—which can take a long period of time depending on what cases are pending. If the individual does not have the cash or property to put up as bond for getting out of jail, they may opt to use a bail bondsman.

A bail bondsman, or bond agent, can be an individual or business that will provide cash as security that the person in jail will appear before the court. If the person in jail is released and does not appear at subsequent hearings, the bondsman or bond agent will lose their money.

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In many cases, when this occurs, they will seek out the assistance of a bounty hunter. Their goal is to find the person, and get them to jail, or hearing so the bondsman can recoup the money they posted for bond.

Let’s hope that you don’t need a bail bondsman, but it is good to know what they do just in case!


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